All ussd codes for Aircel

0. How to check Main Account balance and validity in Aircel.
Dial *111# or *125# or SMS BAL to 121
 1. How to check GPRS data balance for Aircel
Dial *126*3# or *126*4#

2. How to know your Voice Dedicated Account Balance and Validity
Dial *126*1# 

3. How to know your SMS Dedicated Account Balance and Validity
Dial *126*2#

4. How to recharge Aircel using paper coupons/Vouchers prepaid.
Dial *124*<16-digitPIN number># or call 124

5. How to get Pocket Internet/GPRS settings.
send sms PI to 121

6. How to activate Do Not Disturb service in Aircel.
Send sms Start DND to 1909. You may also call 121

7. How to know / Find your Aircel Mobile Number.
Dial *1# or dial #1#888# or *888#

8. How to know the current balance in your Account.
*125# or *127# or send BAL to 121 -For Balance and validity details

9. How to call Aircel Customer care.
Dial 121 or 123

10. How to activate 3G in Aircel.
Send sms START 3G to 121

11. How to deactivate 3G in Aircel.
Send sms STOP 3G to 121

12. How to know about the best offers in Aircel.
Dial *121#

Dial 1213 Latest Scheme Menu

Dial 1214 Value Added Services Menu.

Dial 1215 Rate Cutter Menu

Dial *123# Minutes and SMS count

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